Repairing (punched?) wall.


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OK, this is kind of hard to explain...
A wall in my house has a crater-type indention in it. It looks as if someone punched the wall hard enough to where it is cracked and pushed in about half an inch (in the center of the crater), but not so hard that it put a hole all the way through (make sense?). What would be the easiest way to fix this? Thanks.
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cael, If the dent isn't two large say 6 or 7 inches and the drywall is stable you could just patch it with drywall compound. If the dent is a foot or more or is loose and bouncy you will probably have to cut drywall out and replace with a new piece. I don't mean a whole sheet (4x8) but between the studs (16") wide and whatever height needed. Tape, bed, skim, sand and paint..Mike

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