How do I de-gloss silicon caulk


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How do I de-gloss silicone caulk

Does anyone have any tricks on how to de-gloss the surface of silicone caulk? I was thinking a quick wipe of a solvent, paste abrasive, or abrasive pad might work but I just don't want it mess up the caulk or adhesion?

I am caulking a travertine tiled shower where the sealer has a matte finish. I've heard of matte silicone caulks but they are specialty item and probably don't work as good as the high quality silicone caulks made for shower and baths with mold preventatives?
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There are caulk products that are specifically designed for use to match the color of the grout used on your travertine tile. If I tile a shower, I use these exclusively for a seamless install. I have never been called back due to mold on the caulk. I have, BTW, seen more than my fair share of mold/mildew on the standard "high quality" silicone caulks you boast of. I have a commercial client (hotel) and I am still searching for an off the shelf caulk that they will not have problems with. Every couple of years I have to dig out and replace. And these are pretty meticulously maintained on a daily basis. Color matching caulk can be purchased at a tile store and are more expensive than what you are planning on using. Use the color match at all inside corners and where the wall tile meets the floor. Use clear caulking were the shower door meets the tile wall.
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Good information, thanks for the reply!

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