Preparing an interior wall for stucco

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Preparing an interior wall for stucco

I'm not a stucco guy, but I do handyman stuff and carpentry. I've been called on a job to prep a 12 foot X 40 foot wall for stucco. This involves furring strips, tar-paper and the metal lathe. Now I've done research for 2-3 hours and for the life of me I cannot find the specifications for:

How often you fasten the strips, and whether you run them vertical/horizontal?
Tar paper over/under the furring strips?
Overlap on the lath?
Staples vs. nails on the lath?
What to do on the corners on the wall where the stucco will turn to drywall?

I mean all simple questions, but I can't find a recognized source to answer these things. A little frustrating b/c it's so simple. On the brightside though, I have learned all about meditteranean stucco styles, learned how to dripedge exterior walls, and watched a pie eating contest gone wrong- oops that was me getting distracted darn internet! Anyway thanks for your time.
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The wall is on the inside? Why would they want stucco on the inside? Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to just do a knockdown texture?

I would suggest just asking the guys doing the stucco how they want it prepped since it will not be exposed to weather. Some stucco installers may want it prepped differently, that way you get it from the horses mouth.
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Why the furring strips? do you need to build the wall out that much? Are you using diamond mesh lath or woven wire? either one can be had self furred.
Strips if you use them vertical. Fasten lath or wire about every six inches into he studs. If there is something else in front of the studs use long enough nails or staples, your choice to penetrate the studs one inch.
Strips 16" OC. use plenty of fasteners you are hanging a lot of weight on them.
Use #66 plaster stop in 3/4" grounds to terminate at the drywall.
Lap woven wire three mesh horizontal and. 16" verticAlly. diamond mesh lamp 1" on the horizontal and about 3" on the vertical. wire tie the laps. there is. Right and wrong way to put the diamond mesh lath. more friction going up than down. And if it is wrong you change end for end not just flip it over.

but why the stucco in the first place? Is it a wet location? the look can be achieved with other, more easily worked materials, even drywall. I would use plaster if there were no other compelling reason for Portland cement plaster.

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