swirl or easy drywall texture on ceiling?


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swirl or easy drywall texture on ceiling?

I am installing the drywall on my garage ceiling and I am not the best in the world at finishing. I have always hired someone to do any large taping and finishing jobs on the inside of the house but I figure I can do some kind of texture on the garage ceiling to cover the inperfections of my taping and finishing job. I know that as a kid my dad did some kind of swirl on his ceilings maybe using a mop head or something.

So I am looking for some info or ideas on things I could do like that.
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Of all the textures I've had to replicate over the yrs, a swirl texture was the most difficult .... but maybe it was me I'd suggest thinning down some joint compound, rolling it on the ceiling and then either take a round brush or crow's foot brush and give it a stomp texture.
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I'm somewhat of a klutz when it comes to drywall texturing, so take my advice accordingly. My hanging and taping skills are all right, but texturing is always another adventure.

I've found a "sponge-float dabble" works OK, especially if using watered-down joint compound in a paint tray. I've worn out several dense foam sponge floats doing it over the years, and it meets the quick-and-easy criteria quite well. If you want to spend more time and effort, a knock-down (brocade) finish is also worth trying--the trick is knowing how long to let the peaks sit before knocking them flat with a steel trowel. Too soon and you've got nothing, too late and you've got a mess.

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