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Patching small holes on textured drywall?

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05-15-14, 10:47 AM   #1  
Patching small holes on textured drywall?


I have two 3/4" round holes in some drywall (photo below). They seem a little too big to patch with spackle and a bit too small to patch with a kit.

Recommendations? Also, the walls are textured - what's going to be the best way to make whatever repair i do match up?

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05-15-14, 12:25 PM   #2  
Use a small piece of drywall tape when you mud the hole. Basically it's like any other drywall repair except you have to apply texture when done.

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05-15-14, 03:55 PM   #3  
You need some kind of backing to prevent the patching material from simply pushing through the hole. I use a small stick (Popsicle stick works well) with a piece of string tied around the middle. Push the stick and string through the hole and then pull the string back to hold the stick against the inside of the wall. Add the patching material and wait for it to harden. Sometimes you can tie the string to a pencil or another stick and just add some patching material around the pencil/stick and then after it hardens cut the string and add a bit more patching material. Sometimes it might help to build a "bridge" to hold the string outwards from the hole to allow a full patch.

After the patch is hardened cut the string and sand lightly. To replicate the texture just get creative with a bit of all-purpose drywall mud or generic spackling compound. Use a toothpick to add or remove the compound until you have to look hard to see the patch, let it harden and then paint.

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05-23-14, 05:15 AM   #4  
easy fix

another solution instead of backing is to get a piece of drywall and draw a hole on it a tiny bit smaller then the ones you want to patch, then cut through the drywall from the unfinished side cutting all the way through but not through the paper on the finished side. then cut the finished side so that the paper extends around the actual drywall part about 2 inches. this allows you to place the drywall part into the whole and allows the paper around it to be plastered or stuck to the wall with the compound. you'll have to skim it a few times to fur it out, sand it then roll a random roller texture with compound over the entire area to match it all in. hope this helps

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05-23-14, 09:07 AM   #5  
Very helpful, brian454, and probably a method I'll try next time.

Ended up doing marksr's method, and that worked well. After patching/sanding the holes, I taped around them, then took a can of orange peel and gave the area a few spritzes. Added a coat of paint and it looks pretty good!

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