Strange jagged indentations in wall?


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Strange jagged indentations in wall?

Hi All -

So I just noticed some weird indentations in one wall of my office. Honestly, I can't recall if they've always been there and I'm just being hyper-critical because of some other fun stuff that's happened this year or if this is a new occurrence. I've attached a few pictures. There's only a few of these patches of indentations and they're all about 5/8" - 3/4" wide and vary from <1" - 2 1/4" tall - but somewhat jagged (as you'll see in the pictures).

I'm curious -

1. Any idea what happened here?
2. Anything to be concerned about?
3. Is this just a standard patch job? The indentation isn't deep at all.

Any thoughts?

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Those areas have been there a long time so it's nothing to worry about. Either it was a defect in the drywall finishing or they were substandard repairs that were either textured over or painted over many times. It's only cosmetic.

To make them disappear you'd fill the depression with joint compound, sand smooth/level, replicate the texture, prime and paint.
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Thanks for the quick reply, marksr, I really appreciate it!

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