Reparing a ten inch hole on th ceiling


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I need help repairing a ten inch circle on my ceiling. I've tried a dry wall repair fabric and compound but it caves in instead. What shall I do? Please help.
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I'm not an expert at this by any means, but you should cut the hole out for a squared patch between ceiling joists (which should be on 16" centers).
That would be much easier than trying to patch a round hole.
Cut a straight line to the center of the joists on both sides of the hole, and down the center of the joists.
Put a 14.5" 1X4 between the joists half over the existing ceiling sheetrock, and half over the hole between the joists.
Attach it to the existing sheetrock with sheetrock screws, and then screw your patch to the 1X4s and the joists.
Tape and mud the seams on all four sides.
Should solve the problem easier.
Maybe lefty or one of the other pros in here (I'm not one)can help you with other suggestions.
Good Luck!
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Thank you very much Oldguy for the tip. I will give it a try.
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Another method that I have used many times over the years, is to only open the existing hole up enough so that the edges are all solid and not crumbling. I then cut slats of 1/2 to 3/4 inch stock. These must be narrow enough to fit in the hole, and long enough to overlap the hole by and inch or two. On a ten inch hole, I might use 3 slats. I place them in the hole and center them length wise then run sheetrock screws through the edge of the hole into the wood slats. One screw at each end should be enough. I then cut a patch from some scrap sheetrock, and shape it roughly to the hole. Put the patch in the hole and screw it to the slats with more sheetrock screws. Next, just fill in the small gaps with spackling compound, and feather out the edges. It might take two or three coats to make it disapear. Most hardware stores sell kits to repair the texture. I used one just today on a closet repair.
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Thank you Joe.

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