Help matching texture


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Help matching texture

I've done some popcorn texture, rolled on thinned mud, and sprayed a lot of orange peel, but I've never tried to match a texture like this. Do you guys have any ideas as to what mixtures and methods I should experiment with to get a match?

Thanks in advance.

Some Photos of the texture
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I on once did something like this. I mixed one box of all purpose joint compound and enough sand screened through a window screen to make 7 - 7.5 gallons of mud. Use what goes through the screen not what is retained. Maybe you can find sand like that grade without screening it. Now this is important. To this mixture add 1 gallon of latex or acrylic paint. The close up picture makes me think that maybe you could benefit from even more paint in the mix. Thin this with water to get the consistency that works and experiment with the air pressure and orifice size until you get a match. The close up picture looks like it wants to slide just a little. Now maybe you can use the same mixture and a very shAggy roller to get the effect you want. Experiment and you will get it.

Let us know wHat you do and how it works
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Thanks for helping me find a starting point. I think I will start with a very shaggy roller, a lot of it looks streaky like it might be rolled on and go from there. Will keep track of what I use and let you guys know what the final results are. Still have to mud and tape the upper wall and whole ceiling, so it might be a while. If anyone else has other ideas or more specific suggestions I'm always open to them. Thanks again!

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