Drywall Advice


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Drywall Advice

So this is my first post. I bought my house about a year ago and this spring it will be time start fixing the cosmetic issues with the house. At some point in the past a major rennovation was done by the home owner at the time and I think he did most of it by himself. Pretty much every room has some type of cosmetic drywall issue. Most of it is just the fact that all the seams in the drywall are visible, some have the tape starting to peel off, etc. I'm trying to decide how to proceed. Some people have suggested trying to re-mud the drywall while others have suggested it might be better to tear it down and start fresh. Not sure if anyone has had this issue but any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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No one here can see what your seeing from here without a picture.
Pretty common issue with a DIY rehab.
Lucky for you it should be a cheap but time consuming fix.
Waiting for those pictures.
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If it looks like I'm thinking it does, you have some work ahead of you. Depending on just how bad it is, you may be better of tearing it down. At least then you can see what kind of a mess he made behind the drywall and fix that too.
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I wouldn't be in a hurry to tear out the drywall although pics might change my mind http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...your-post.html

Any loose tape must be removed! adding mud on top of loose tape won't fix it. Often all that is needed is to neatly spread more joint compound over a larger area, sand when dry [texture if needed] prime and paint. If there are any nail pops you'd add a screw next to the loose nail and mud over it.

btw - welcome to the forums Clyde!
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Replacing tape isn't the worst job in the world, I would lean toward that over replacing the drywall unless some other reason for replacement popped up.
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Without seeing pictures, it sounds like just a bad taping job. This is not uncommon. Taping is easy for a professional, hard for most of us.

I wouldn't rip out the walls, because you're back in the same boat, it would need finished.

I would re-tape all joints and do a complete skim coat over all walls and ceilings. You could also apply texture after skim coat.

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