sand between mud coats?


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sand between mud coats?

Hello there

So I have scraped off my "popcorn" ceiling. Since the popcorn was going up, I guess the home builders only applied one coat of mud to the tape lines (I've heard that is standard since the popcorn will hide it anyway). As a result, I can now see the tape lines and have to start covering that up before I paint.

I'm assuming that I will have to apply a couple of coats of mud. My question is, do I sand the plaster in between coats?

During the daylight hours the lines are 99% invisible. You just can't see the flaws in the bright light. Come night time and a couple of interior lights are on, it shows up much more. My impatient wife says to just leave it, that I am scrutinizing too much and "who stares up at the ceiling anyway" but I just canny do it!

Would love to hear some feedback and or tips if you readers and experts have the time
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Normally only the final coat is sanded but a lot depends on your skill level at applying the j/c.
It normally takes 3 coats of mud to finish drywall, most will only apply 2 coats to the ceiling if it gets textured. Occasionally I've seen only the tape coat used on a ceiling with the builder relying on a heavy coat of texture to do the rest

Don't forget to remove the sanding dust before applying more mud or the primer.
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Knock down the big chunks with your knife as you go but only sand after the (anticipated) final coat.
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I sand between coats (coarse) but only to compensate for my lack of skills. I usually end up with chatter ripples or lump squeezeout, especially when doing corners. For straight seams, I usually don't have to sand, as those are a lot easier to do.

If it's just a few boogers, I knock it down with the knife.

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