Repairing a bathroom wall crack?


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Repairing a bathroom wall crack?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to repair some walls and I'm not sure about what to do here. This is in the bathroom, right along the corner of two walls. This is in an old house (1890s) and most of the walls are horse-hair plaster. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forums!

On drywall you'd install and then mud over corner bead but I'm not overly familiar with plaster although we have several members that are - hopefully one of them will have time to chime in later.
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Thank you! Sorry for the lousy picture. I didn't realize how hard it is to see until I uploaded it. It's a pretty nasty crack unfortunately. I wish I could just replace all of the walls but can't afford it.
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Looks. Like one side of the corner was plastered then the other side and no corner bead was used. Am I right? Remove any loose plaster. It does not look like there is much loose. Wet the crack with a spray bottle of water. Fill the crack with a setting joint compound like EasySand by USG. He number on the label is the setting time in minutes. Work it into the crack as deeply as you can. With luck it will fill in one coat. If not then give it another coat S soon as th first coat hS set. If it is a little full, let it set and dry. It might need to dry over night. Then sand it to th original profile, prime and paint.
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Thanks for the reply. I believe you're correct about no corner bead. I'm going to try the setting joint compound. Appreciate the help!

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