warped 2x4 bowing sheetrock fix?


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warped 2x4 bowing sheetrock fix?

theres a ton of them in my house...im wondering whats the best way to fix this is? besides the hard way of removing the stud and putting a better one in.

is it to just skim coat it wider and wider until it somewhat blends in with the rest?

another question.

the previous homeowner must have not owned a sanding block, there is tons of walls in the house where you can tell that they didnt sand and just painted right over this. best fix for this? apply a skim coat and sand?
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To fix the bowed studs you need to open up the wall
Generally it's easier to skim over bad drywall finishing and then sand as latex paints don't respond well to heavy sanding.
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If you decide to remove the drywall, you can even out the studs with drywall shims.

The shims are about 1-1/2" wide x 48" long. Shims will get most of the wall even and you only need to remove or plane the worse studs.
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I assume you mean more than 1 when you say a ton of wall studs are warped in your house. Only you can decide if the effort required is worth having straight walls. Outer walls need repair on one side (inside) while inner walls need repair on both sides. I would not consider replacing a stud so I don’t have to worry if it is a load bearing wall or not.
The bow in a stud can be causing a hill or a valley on the inside of an outside wall and both a hill and valley on an interior wall. You will be the judge as to whether to patch using plaster compound or repairing the stud.
To repair a stud, remove the drywall (floor to ceiling) to at least the next stud on both sides of the bad stud (opening of 30.5 “ minimum) . On a hill side, snap a vertical line floor to ceiling. Make horizontal cuts in the stud to the depth of the snapped line about 1” apart. Chisel out the pieces to create a flat nailing surface for the drywall. On a valley side, scab a straight piece of 1x3 to the problem stud to create a flat nailing surface for the drywall. On each border stud of the removed drywall, scab a straight piece of 1x4 to the border stud (inner wall) or a piece of 1x3 to the border studs (outer wall) to create a flat nailing surfaces for the drywall. Mark the floor and ceiling for the location of the nailing surfaces before installing the drywall. Finish the seams as usual. Hope this helps.

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