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Isn't there some sort of spray-on texture for outdoor use for bare concrete wall

Isn't there some sort of spray-on texture for outdoor use for bare concrete wall


Old 03-28-16, 11:13 AM
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Isn't there some sort of spray-on texture for outdoor use for bare concrete wall

This stucco thing is new to me.... I have an exterior wall that its "stucco" has falling off.

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I can see it has Styrofoam inside, then just bare concrete.
So I hired a stucco contractor to get this fixed and he removed the top layers leaving only the bare concrete wall.

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Then he had a hard time mounting the mesh wire (or whatever you call it). He showed me using a ramset powdered tool with those purple power load, he could only made a dimple on the wall. He said the wall is HIGH DENSITY CONCRETE and he can try buying a gas powered concrete nailer (hitachi NC40G??) to try again and he wants double the price of what he originally quoted me.

Am I being ripped off? Some concretes are HIGHER DENSITY than other and it is unusual to find such? Would a gas powered nailer be more powerful than a ramset gun?

And the wall is already concrete. Isn't there some sort of spray-on texture for outdoor use that will not crack up later, then we just paint the texture? Why bother mounting meth, lath, mud, stucco, etc and then paint???
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Old 03-28-16, 12:02 PM
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Why can he not just use Tap-Con's.
Old 03-28-16, 12:09 PM
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I have a feeling that he does not want to use the most efficient method.

I did some googling. Kirk in this video mentioned Weld-Crete bonding agent:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZzPoNBPN54 Can't I just spray on some sort of texture (tinted to match my wall color) then just spray it on one time and be done?
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40 yrs ago we used a spray texture coating over concrete on commercial work. It was oil base and required a heavy duty airless to spray it. It was some durable stuff and would stick to anything ..... which could be an issue if it got on something that had to get cleaned up [including yourself ] I've not been around any spray texture made for exterior masonry since.

If you don't need to bring it out to match the level of the rest of the wall I'd consider just stuccoing over it and then painting.
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Your original finish system is an EIFS, Exterior insulated finish system. Dryvit is one of the major manufacturers but there are certainly others. Why don't you ask the contractor to do that or go to a pro masonry supply house and ask for some recommended installers. Adhering the foam is really a lot easier than trying to shoot fasteners into the wall. The fact that everything will end up in the same plane and with a similar appearance will also be a plus.

The"weldcrete" product works very well if you want to eliminate the mesh and do a full scratch and brown coat mud job.
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Is there gypsum sheathing or something like it behind the styrofoam?
What is the other side of the wall? Is the insulation afforded by the styrofoam desirable or is the foam merely filler?

Whatever you do take Kirk's in the video link to heart. Wash and clean. Some Portland cement products do not bond well to poured concrete because it is too smooth, too dense, still has form release compound on it, or so cured it has not suction or so hot it has too much suction.

A slurry of neat Portland and water brushed on and scrubbed into the surface and then coated with a dash finish or a tight coat of rich Portland cement plaster before the slurry dries will help with bonding issues. You have several options it just depends on the look you are after, whether or not you need the insulation and deleterious material that will contribute to bond failure.

WeldCrete and competing brands of bonding agents really work. Only thin is they are only as good as what they are applied to. New Portland cement material always bonds to the WeldCrete but if the bond of the WeldCrete to paint, form oil, dirt or organic material fails the sement product of choice will delaminate.
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