Patching ceiling where roof leaked.


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Patching ceiling where roof leaked.

Hello! We had a roof that leaked and ruined a portion of my living room ceiling. We had the roof replaced but now need to fix my ceiling. I think it looks like it's plaster. How would I go about fixing this so that it is not noticeable?
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It looks like only the finish is loose. Check to see base coat is soft, crumbly or easily rubbed off. If not then good news. Scrape off all the finish that will come off easily. CAREFUL you might be able to scrape it all off. You bet he judge of when it is hard to scrape off and stop there. I think you will get along best if you use a setting joint compound like EasySand by USG. There are other brands. Mix this according to the instructions on the bag. Probably you should use 45 or 90 minute set time stuff. Better to have extra time if you need it. There are numbers on the bag that tell you the set time in minutes. Spread it on tightly to the same thickness as the existing finish. Try to keep e existing work clean, that is do not lap over it but work to it and stop. You can wipe the existing work clean with a damp cloth. I am going to tell you how to do your last coat which may be the only oat you will need but maybe not. Spread it on as smoothly as you can with no trowel lines. Then just as the material sets spray it with a mist of water to lubricate the trowel and smooth it down as smooth as the rest of the lid. If you do this well and keep e existing clean you will be finished. Let the material dry and prime and paint. BUT you might need yet one more coat to get it good enough. Use regular joint compound or topping spread a tight coat as smoothly as you can and let it dry then sand lightly to get any ridges off. Inspect with a side light, fix imperfections sand,prime and paint figure on painting the whole cap. I usually prime the patch, paint the patch and letthepaint dry then do the rest of the ceiling including the new work. I am not a painter. I only paint my own house not other work that I do.
NOW IF THE BASE COAT IS SOFT, CRUMBLY OR EASILY RUBBED OFF YOU HAVE A BIGGER PROJECT. If that is the case report back and we will tell you what to do.
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One more thing. After you have patched th ceiling there may still be a water stains. Trust the painters here for advice on how to deal with that.
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Water stains require a solvent based primer to seal them.
Latex primers often allow the stain to bleed back thru

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