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We just had drywall installed in our new construction. The great room has a vault with lots of windows and light. The drywall joints all show up even after primer and tried painting a small section. Smooth ceilings. The joints seem flat to the touch. Would appreciate some input in resolving this problem. Thanks.
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It is not unusual that tape joints will show up even after primer. The mud absorbs the primer differently than the paper so it could be that the joints are good. It is also not unusual for tape joints to show through a first coat of paint so it might take two before the joints seem to mend...........
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Wink joints showing

Oh my!

Last week I was helping on a big new church and the men were discussing that the walls and ceiling were not acceptable. I don't know the whole story, but I do know they had sprayed on a light texture, the two coats of primer and then rolled on at least one color coat. The joints were still visible! Texture is both to help hide defects and to give the paint more to hang on to. The last I heard, a pro suggested spraying on a full texture now, with colorant in the mix. I haven't seen that yet. I'm suspecting the color coat might have been satin--it should have been flat. And I don't know if there will be a final coat of paint over the new texture.

Last week I taped and painted my bathroom. I went over the joints three times (3 days!), and still wasn't totally satisfied. Part of the problem being I was filling gaps between old panels, so didn't have a valley to fill but a hump to smooth out. But my dear wife thinks it looks great!
I used two coats of Zinzer 123 primer(it's white) (PVA primer would have been OK for new drywall) and one color coat of Glidden satin flat, which is next to the bottom on their scale of shine. The paint is fine. Had I textured the wall the tape would have been invisible. In your case, either the taping was inferior, in which case you might need to have texture sprayed on. Or I suppose the job could be reworked somehow. (You didn't say whether or not the taping was done professionally.) Otherwise, it's a matter of another coat of good paint--flat or nearly so. Or wallpaper! Good luck!

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