Cabinet door hinge anchors ripped out


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Cabinet door hinge anchors ripped out

Hi, I have an Ikea kitchen, came with the apartment. Anyway one of the cabinet hinges ripped right out. I removed the other properly to avoid damaging it. Now I'm left with two big holes where the hinge used to be. How does one go about fixing this? I could try putting it but I feel like it will just come out again in a few days. Is there a type of material or product I can use to fill the wholes to make them more solid? Moving to lower wholes is not really an option since it won't line up with the cabinet door. Thanks.

I've attached some photos, sorry the lighting is not great but I think you'll get the idea.
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If there is room behind that panel and the opposite side isn't exposed, you could use a snap toggler or toggler style anchor Toggler & Wej-It Fastening Systems - the original wedge anchor
You may have to use a different screw than the original ones.

If you can't use one of those anchors, I would recommend an epoxy filler such as WoodEpox. Fill in the hole and divot, let it set up completely, and then redrill the correct diameter hole.
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Agree with epoxy. But I would use a JB Weld product instead of wood filler.
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I always use wood kitchen matches and wood glue. Put glue on match stick and put in hole. stuff as many matches in as you can. I usually hammer in the last one. Let glue dry and redrill hole.
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I also have used small pieces of wood and glue. If feasible I'd replace that panel with real plywood.
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Thanks for your advice. I'll probably try the epoxy.
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Remove the plastic screw anchors from the screws and glue them into the holes. Let the glue harden. Install the hinges using the screws screwed into the anchors.
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What's behind the panel? Is it flush against a wall? How much clearance is there?

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