Plaster wall crack


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Plaster wall crack

Please see attached picture. This crack has formed in the plaster wall in my living room. I was looking up how to patch it but it seems like there are 59 million different products and methods so I can't get a straight answer. Is someone willing/able to tell me what I should buy/use to patch this crack?

Thank you in advance.

Also, I know the yellow color is crazy, but my wife likes it :-)
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Are the planes either side of the crack offset? Or are they level? I am assuming they are level for this description.
I would dig out the crack with the point of a painter's five in one tool. Actually I would use a plaster crack cutter but you probably don't have one and can't find one. Then I would paint the crack with a liquid bonding agent like Quickcrete's Bonding Adhesive. You can usually find as little as a quart. It keeps pretty well. Don't use their concrete fortifier.
Since it is hard to find molding plaster your easiest fix is probably to mix up some setting joint compound like EasySand by USG. There are other brands. The number refers to the set time in minutes. I have seen this packaged in 5 pound boxes for almost as much money as an 18 pound bag but you might have to buy more. Maybe you can find some from a tradesman. Press this well into the crack then wipe it off even with the sides. If you get it ever so slightly over full you can sand it off. It is probably better to leave it slightly shy of full then use regular joint compound which is easier to sand to fill it up. Sand it smooth and prime and paint. You can, for added reinforcement use joint tape and compound after it is full. You will have to feather this out about a foot on the wide side of the crack to make the inevitable hump gradual enough not to be too visible. Near the angle of the wall don't leave a hump.

Other than probably using plaster rather than quickset joint compound, because I have plaster, this is how I would do it.

Someone else may have a different idea. We do what works for us. I don't think there is only one right way to fix a crack in plaster.
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I more or less make those types of repair the same way. If you don't have a 5in1 putty knife a screwdriver will also work to scratch out the crack. I've never used a bonding agent but whatever primer I had handy. IF the plaster isn't dusty I might skip that step. Be sure to apply the setting compound neatly as it can be a bear to sand down any excess!

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