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Shelf Life of Joint Compound

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01-11-17, 09:15 AM   #1  
Shelf Life of Joint Compound

I read a post from a long time ago and can't see the post anymore. Why are threads appearing to be deleted or un-searchable?

Anyways...how long would the 3.5Gal bucket of USG Joint Compound last if it were unopened? I'm curious if I buy extra while on sale, if it's going to be a waste. Will it eventually get moldy if unopened or must there be a broken seal for it to start degrading?

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01-11-17, 10:04 AM   #2  
Assuming you are talking about premixed compound, it's been my experience that unopened shelf life is maybe a couple of years. Once opened, it seems to get moldy within 6 months.

Having said that, I have opened a new bucket of joint compound and found mold growth and had to return the bucket. Problem is, you don't really know how long the stuff has been sitting around before you got it.

In general, I avoid stocking up on anything that can set, dry out, or go bad unless I know for sure I will use it within a couple of months. Mostly I use powdered setting type compound for all but final coat; that stuff will last a long time as long as it is kept from moisture.


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01-11-17, 10:09 AM   #3  
I have a partial bucket of mud that is several yrs old and still good. It helps to cover the top of the mud with water before you store it for any length of time. If I reopen a bucket, see mold and it's inconvenient to replace it - I'll scoop up the molding portion and toss it out.

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01-11-17, 10:18 AM   #4  
I prefer covering an opened bucket with a round piece of plastic (poly) rather than water. I agree unopened buckets "can" be stored for 2 yrs or so. Cool dry place out of sunlight is best.

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01-11-17, 11:02 AM   #5  
Even not on sale, I think joint compound is cheap enough that I would wait to buy until i needed it unless it was on sale a month or two before I knew I would be using it.

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