New windows, new cracks


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New windows, new cracks

We had new vinyl windows put in throughout the downstairs. Everything looks good, but the windows were a smidge smaller than our old a half inch on all sides. So in reinstalling the trim, you can see lines where the trim used to be...make sense I hope?lol Plus there's a bit of cracking of the drywall too from them doing all that work.
I've filled the long cracks with caulk and they're pretty ok now. But there are spots where the drywall is peeling--pretty much where the old trim used to be.
So I'm wondering, how do you fix that? Should I try another coat of caulk? So you peel off the drywall that's peeling and fill it in, or try to 'glue' it back down and maybe skim coat over it? Do you think something would work better than caulk too? It filled in some serious nail holes nicely without needing sanding.
I'm going to be selling the house in the spring so I'm looking to do the minimum to make it look nice, if not the totally 'correct'
FYI, the walls are white because we hadn't ever picked a color.
Any thoughts would be appreciated cuz I'm worn out from all the home reno stuff
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You'd peel off what is loose unless it just keeps coming off in which case you'd cut the paint with a utility knife and peel to that cut line. You'd then apply a thin coat of joint compound, sand when dry, texture if needed, prime and paint.
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Overall it might be easier, and a cleaner job, to install new wider trim!
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Can you post a picture so we can see what your seeing?
Someone mismeasured the windows if they are that far off.
All the vinyl windows I order are made to size with no up charge.
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I'm not sure caulk was the right answer for those cracks. Will wait on the pictures.
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I was assuming the long crack was the joint between the wall and the casing. If it was a crack in the plaster/drywall, caulk will work but won't make for an invisible repair.

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