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I've noticed that where my wall drywall meets my ceiling drywall (90 degree angle), the drywall tape was coming loose. When I pulled the tape away, I saw that there was a 1/4" gap between the top of the "wall" drywall and the ceiling drywall. I imagine that htis is causing some of the reason for the tape coming undone. What can I use to fill this gap and allow me to retape and plaster? Has anyone else had this problem? I fixed one area with mesh tape and compound (without filling the gap), but it only looked alright for a few months.

Please help! My wife is talking about summer painting projects! Ahh!
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its easy you just need to fill the gape with drywall gypsum type 3 easy sand premix and retape with drywall tape and a second coat of easy sand
just like you did with the masking tape but prefill first !and what happens with that tape the first time is it dryed out that is why you use drywall tape its made to set into the drywall mud ! they must of ran out of mud or tryed cutting corners building the house !

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