Question on hanging drywall for remodel


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Question on hanging drywall for remodel

I'm remodeling out laundry room and half bath and have a question on the best way to hang drywall for ease of taping. I don't intend to tape it if I can find a pro to do a small job. My taping experiences have been pretty bad.

Main question is should I avoid a tapered edge meeting a butt edge if possible? For instance in the pic you can see a wall that has the old washing machine hookup box and dryer vent and where the plug receptacle used to be. I'm moving the washer and dryer to another wall and building a counter with a laundry sink on that wall. I'll be replacing the lower half of the wall. I could cut the old drywall off at the top of the washer hookup box all the way from the door to the corner and replace the lower half with a sheet laid sideways which would be a tapered edge to butt edge. Or I could cut at the bottom of the box and replace lower 40 inches thus having butt to butt edge. I'd have to plug up the hole where the box was but that's no biggie.

You guys that tape a lot would you have a preference?
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It really doesn't matter. I generally always hang sheets horizontally so that the tapered joints are right in front of you... 4 feet high. If you ever have what is commonly known as a "bas-tard joint" (won't let me type it as one word) you can just prefill the tapered part and let it dry before you tape.

Keep in mind that they make 54" wide drywall, if needed... for instance if the top of your washer box is 50-54" high, that would work nicely. I certainly wouldn't remove drywall all the way to the door. Plumb cut the left side of the washer box/ right side of the outlet.
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We are replacing that door anyway so by cutting all the way to the rough opening I save one 48" butt joint.

Thanks for the reply. I think I'll cut at the top of washer box and put the tapered edge up. Maybe you can see I had to move the right perpendicular wall 8 inches so I have an 8 inch wide strip to replace ceiling to floor. At least he'll have a true tapered joint for 8 inches

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