Patching 2x2 hole in kitchen ceiling


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Patching 2x2 hole in kitchen ceiling

I am hoping that somebody can help me. I'm trying to repair a 2x2 section in my kitchen ceiling that was damaged by a leak in my roof (corrected a few months ago and finally getting around to this). In the meantime, I just covered up the holes with a few strips of paneling and some cardboard, which is now falling down.

I discovered that the previous owner put the hardboard/fiberboard over another type of ceiling (that itself I'll patch with something suitable as it will never be visible afterwards).

My questions are:
1) What exactly is the material being used for the outer layer? I've attached some photos because I don't recognize it.
2) For #1, it appears to be fairly pliable, so I assume any cuts can be made with a standard Stanley utility knife?
3) Should I basically treat it the same way as a drywall patch by fixing the hole underneath, putting some wood strips along the edges underneath and screwing a patch panel into place, then taping and finishing the seams.

Appreciate any advice
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Looks like a cellotex ceiling to me. I haven't seen any for sale in decades, it used to be popular in mobile homes and lower priced houses. It was a ceiling/wall material that also had minimal insulation properties. The few times I've patched it, I used drywall which did ok. IMO it's better to replace an entire wall or ceiling with drywall.
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I would not try to patch so it's not visible. I would cover the hole with sheetrock and trim the border with molding so it looks more like an attic access. That way you don't have to re-do the whole ceiling, tape & mud the seams or try to blend it in to match.
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If I wasn't working alone and could afford it, I definitely would just replace the whole ceiling. For now, I think the patch ideas you've all provided are my best option.
Thanks to everyone!

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