Reoccurring drywall cracks


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Reoccurring drywall cracks

Had a large hole about 18 by 36 repaired a year go by someone else. I did not notice if he used any seam tape when he pieced in the replacement drywall. However, there is a crack line pretty much outlining about half of the patch. So I suspect he did not. I tried filling the crack with a sparkle compound and painted it. The crack reappeared in a few weeks. It is not a wide crack, just enough to see.

How do I fix this? I would obviously prefer not have to put a seam tape on it and then joint compound. I am terrible at doing this neatly. That is why I had someone else do the repair. It is a ceiling repair where I out my foot through from above. He said it was thinner drywall as he originally had the normal thickness and had to go back to get the thinner stuff. I also wonder if he did not put a board behind the edges around the perimeter and that is why it is cracking? I have not verified whether this is the cause of the crack, only guessing. From what I could see from the attic looking down I only saw about 5 where the two pieces of Sheetrock edge were not supported. I did not uncover the top side of the entire patch, only about half. I cannot see behind all it without making holes. Is there a caulk or something I can put into the crack and then paint that will fix this?
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Caulk would be iffy at best. Tape should always be used when repairing cracks with joint compound. Sometimes you can get by without tape if you use a setting compound.
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cannot fix withou tape?

The repair looked good for a few months, then the crack appeared. I tried to repair it with a 3M product called Wall repair fiber reinforced compound, 1 step fill - no tape. The crack reappeared in a few weeks.

I do not know if tape was originally used. Are you saying my only option is to sand down the cracked seams and start over with tape and joint compound?
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That is what I would do. Be careful when sanding to not sand through the paper face of the sheetrock.
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Small repairs to drywall do not require tape, huge repairs like what you have, absolutely!

Sorry there is no fix, short of applying tape, or mesh, and remudding the entire area.

That is the only repair that is going to eliminate reappearing cracks!
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Ok thanks. I will procrastinate until I have the patience to do it right.

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