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Wall Mud small batch

I have a 18# bag of Joint Compound USG #20. I understnad the #20 means work time is 20 mins. It calls for the Whole bag and 6qts of water. Is there a simple formual for doing smaller batches? I only have a few sections of 2 walls to do and will not need the whole bag. Suggestions?

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Sure, mix until you get a smooth peanut butter consistency!

Nobody measures that stuff.
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That doesnt help at ALL. How much do i mix for a small section of wall? 1/2 bag is too much, 1/4 bag would still be too much. Don't want to over mixing up a batch.
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What do you mean it doesn't help. You pour some powder into your pan. Add some water and start mixing it up. You will know in 10 seconds if you need to add more water... or add more powder. All you are doing is trying to achieve a certain consistency. Not too thick, not too thin. This isn't rocket science so no, there is no recipe for small batches. You will learn by doing it. Too thick, add more water. Too thin... add more powder.

With 20 minute mud you only want to mix up what you can reasonably use in about 10-15 minutes. It always sets up before 20. Once it starts to set, throw the rest away, clean your knife and pan completely, and mix up a new batch and continue on.
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. Once it starts to set there is no retempering. Start with a small batch, see how far it goes and how much time it took you to do it. Next batch mix more or less accordingly. Always start with clean mixing containers, clean tools and clean water. Set stuff sets the rest of it faster than the time stated on the bag.
Don't over think this. One more thing: when I am mixing it by the hands full I start with dry stuff and add water to it. The instructions on the bag probably tell you to start with water and add material. That works if you mix a whole bag of a half bag but for small batches start with dry stuff or you will get it too thin and then have more than you need or more than you can handle. I don't know that I have ever mixed a whole bag of setting mud. I have no idea how much it makes. I am guessing about 2/3 of a 5 gal bucket.
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I always mix setting compound in my mud pan. I've never measured the powder or water. As noted above you can add more water or powder - it's not rocket science. The proportions don't have to be exact. After you've mixed a pan or two you'll wonder why you even asked
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Hi, sounds like your pretty new to this, if that the case I think you should get a gallon of premixed mud and do the job. Lite coats and never put on more mud than you want to sand off.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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