replacing caulking around tub


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The house I have kinda inherited needs help. The first thing I want to do to one of the bathrooms is recaulk around the tub. The old stuff is white and in some places missing? The grout between the tiles is gray. What is the easiest way to remove the caulking?
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That old silicon or butyl caulk comes off best using a utility knife (razor edge) and a narrow putty knife. Also have a rag and some mineral spirits handy to wipe it up as you 'score and scrape'. Exhibit a little caution so's not to scratch the tile, or the tub. Score the stuff, swiping the blade along the caulk joint, say, a foot at a time, a few swipes, then scrape. If its 'hard' , you can tap your putty knife with a hammer, along the length of the joint, angling in to the caulk until it bites in. Be forceful but cautious at the same time. You'll get it, once you get the feel for it. Take your time....
good luck
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dap makes "caulk be gone" which liquifies latex caulk somewhat... it's pretty good. also, i saw a cool tool at sherwin williams that looks like an angular wood chisel... it works neato, but be carefull not to scratch.

silicone= just peel it off & use a razor blade to loosen..

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