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i have some holes in my drywall where the door knob has made a hole in it but not sure how to fill it and make it stay so i need some advise please.
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Repair of plasterboard walls

Go to http://www.doityourself.com/patch and scroll down to the article on how to repair plasterboard walls.
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first cut a piece of drywall just alittle bigger than
the hole ,then put it over the hole and mark that spot and then cut it out .after you do that then take a piece of wood and screw it in place in side the wall after you do that then put the piece of drywall in the hole and screw it in place .then you can put the first coat on that is the tape coat .to do that you have to put the mud on the cracks then you put the tape on and wipe the tape down but not to much then let dry for a few hours .then you use a 10in knife to put the nexted coat on .when you put the mud on make sure you us the hole knife then wipe all the egdes first then you go across the hole thing know that coat is done you still have one more you do the same thing as the bedcoat and that is it .....jjdrywall fl


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