plaster wall damage


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Question plaster wall damage

My bathroom has plaster walls that have bubbled(paint) and appear to be flaking off. I have scraped the paint and powdery plaster off in most areas but the wall above the shower(exterior all)has a huge area that is all grey not white like the rest of the spots I scraped. I have scraped it a little but stopped when I found a round spot that is rust color. All of this damage is close to the window. Could that be a leak or could the damp plaster cause a nail to rust? The house was built in 1952. How can this be repaired or would it be better to call a professional?
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Plaster wall repair

The gray areas are probably mold/mildew. These areas will have to be disinfected with 50/50 bleach/water solution and left to dry. Rough areas will have to be patched with spackle or dry wall mud and sanded, including the area where you have the rusty nail. All flaking paint will have to be scraped away and sanded smooth. Then seal the entire room in a shellac-based primer such as B-I-N or just plain white shellac. Open windows and run a fan for additional ventilation. In areas where you have the worst stains, such as rust and mold/mildew you may want to apply two coats of the primer/sealer. Then, paint with an interior semi-gloss latex paint with Mildewcide (inhibits mold/mildew for at least 3 years). While you are at it you might want to replace your bathroom exhaust fan with one that circulates more cubic feet per minute. Make sure it is vented to the outdoors and not into the attic.
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thank you!

Thanks for your help...I am going to work on this week. I will let you know how it turns out.
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Surface preparation for painting

Take your time and be patient. Surface preparation is the key to a successful paint job.

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