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Okay so I bit off more than I can chew. Decided to work on walls before I start on the hardwood floors. Once I removed the tin tiles from the bottom half of the wall discovered a thick coat of glue. A friend said it would be better to chip off all the plaster than to try to sand and patch the glue. Now what I'm down to are wood slats about 1 1/2 in wide. I notice (with a long screwdrive) theres nothing between the wood slats and the outside wall of the house. Now someone tells me I should tear down the wood put up insulation and drywall. I am a beginner and this sounds like a lot more than I can do. Cant I fill in the gaps between the wood with something and plaster over. Maybe I should start dating construction workers!!!!
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small jobs...just keep getting bigger

There are many options at this point. The first thing I would do is go ahead and call in a few professionals. Make sure they offer free quotes. Tell them you are just getting quotes and ask them what they would do. Also, see if their price is reasonable enough that you could live with. Ok...with that out of the way... One way, is to put dry wall over the slats. This is difficult because it usually ends up with a non standard thickness wall. Plaster is usually put on anywhere between 3/4" and 1 1/16 ". If there is a window or a door on the same wall this might be a problem. If possible you can go ahead and drywall the wall and have insulation "blown in" after the wall is complete or even nearly complete. Blown in insulation is better than it was 10 years ago with much less compaction over time. Besides...its better than an empty wall.
The second, tear the slats down, pull the nails out of the studs and drywall that sucker! While you have the slats down go to the hardware store and get some good insulation (R-12 or better) and staple. You can even put in a moisture barrier, outlet barriers and do this project justice. This option is more labor intensive. But removing the old plaster is most difficult part of the whole job in my opinon.
Now that you have heard the options. When the contractors walk thru the door...start rattling this stuff off. It will show them that you know at least something and the won't try to "mislead" you. In this economy you might get someone pretty inexpensive that needs these smaller jobs to fill out a weeks worth of work.
But during the quote process they may make suggestions or see something in this wall that you can use if you decide to do it yourself.
Good luck!

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