Serious Stucco problem - Help!


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Serious Stucco problem - Help!

First, let me tell you that I know NOTHING about stucco. I live in SW Florida, and bought a house 5 years ago that is a wood frame with stucco siding. I have since found that the stucco is on some kind of board. I'm sure you know what that it.

The house sits on a slab, and the stucco is 6 inches above the ground.

A large section of the stucco on the side of the house has fallen off the bottom of the wall. This section is about 4-6 inches high and 4 feet long. It looks like whatever the steel shelving is that the stucco was sitting in, and that was supporting it, has rusted and broken off.

Do I need a professional to do this. or is it possible to repair this myself? I've noticed that there are miniscule cracks all over the wall, and that many seem to have been previously repaired with caulk.

Thank you for a prompt reply.
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If it were small cracks I would say give it a shot but it sounds like you have bigger problems. Get some bids and then decide. I have heard it can be tricky. If it dries to fast it will not achieve proper strength. I am not an authority though. Good luck.

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