caulking tub and sink


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Lightbulb caulking tub and sink

I purchased some caulk to fill around the sink and tub. It seems
simple enough but there seems to always be some trick to doing
it right.

The spaces between the sink and wall and tub and wall are
not huge.

Any help is appreciated. I'd like to surprise the guys with MY
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Remove any old silicone caulk or large old and loose beads of caulk. Make sure the corners are clean and dry. I often use rubbing alcohol as a final cleaner. Cut an angle on your tube only as large as you need to fill the corner in a single pass. A smaller bead is easier to smooth out and will look better. I like to do the vertical beads first and then the horizontal. After applying the caulk, wet the tip of your finger and smooth out the bead. Do one section at a time as you will be unable to smooth the caulk after it skins up in a few minutes.
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Talking In addition,

In addition to Shiejr's techniques,
mask the upper and lower borders of the caulk beads with a 1/2" or 1" masking will save you lots of time for clean-up and give you a perfect, straight beads.
Hardware stores sell a cheap caulking tool that works fairly well too, if you don't wanna use your finger.
One other thing, try to run your finger/tool from one end to the other without stopping!! It's hard to get a perfect bead when you stop in the middle of a run.
Good luck!!
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Smile masterjoe

I haven't started this project yet, but plan to do it soon.
I love every tip I get and will certainly use yours. When I
get done the men will wonder who did it. Yahoo!!!

Thank you very much
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Talking One more thing, TTASHA

Forgot to add one important thing in my last reply....
As soon as you shape the beads, peel of masking tapes right away. Caulk cures quite fast and masking tape will disturb its integrity if it's peeled off too late.
Also, when you apply beads from the tube, be generous and slow so that you'll fill all cavities between lip of your tub and the wall.
Remember, this is the only line of defense from constant moisture(from shower & bath).
Any man will appreciate a good caulking job; Hey, you might get a new summer dress from him....

Good luck!!

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