Patching drywall ceiling


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Patching drywall ceiling

I have a drywall ceiling that is screwed to firing strips attached to floor joist. A slow water leak has developed from a drain above the drywall and is slowly dripping through. There appears no other way to access the plumbing other than cutting open the drywall. The drywall is finished in a sprayed rough pebble finish.

Question: Is it reasonable to expect that an experienced drywaller can repair a 2'x2' opening in the drywall so that it will be reasonably inconspicous? Are there any precautions I should take in cutting open the drywall that will make the close up process easier?
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With a rough finish, I think someone could do a pretty good job of blending, depending on how easy the finish is to replicate.

Make the hole only as large as necessary and try to keep the edges on the strips. Score your cuts first with a sharp knife to prevent the paper from tearing and keep the opening as square as possible.

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