Keeping cats away


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Angry Keeping cats away

My neighbor's cat has decided that the planters outside the front door to my house is his personal litter box.

Obviously, this makes the entry to my house somewhat less attractive.

How can I keep the neighbor's cat from ***ing in my planters?
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Maybe bloodmeal. But mesh netting of some sort would work. You might also try rock mulch, anything to make it uncomfortable to walk on...
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.22 hollow-point??
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Squirt gun.
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Keeping cats away

Bloodmeal might not repel a carnivore. However, it's very effective with rodents. Squirrels think a cousin was lost in the vicinity or something and leave the area alone.

Local gardening centers carry coyote urine which repels cats (or should if they know what's good for them!); red/cayenne pepper mixed into the soil (not harmful but if they get a snootfull, well you know what happens); plastic netting flat on the ground (cats don't like the feel, know that they can get tangled -- it comes in dark colors and will "blend" with the mulch or dirt).

I haven't had much luck with the ready-made repellant sprays. They wash off in the rain and don't seem to repel much of anything. Maybe others have used an effective brand.
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Tell the owner of the offending cat that you heard they are good eatin!

In reality they should be made to restrain their pet. If not restrained they are not a pet, only a nuisence varment like a raccoon or a rat.
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We put rocks ... small palm sized ... in the planters. If the cat can't dig its not likely they will do the deed. This also works for indoor cats who like to play in the dirt.

I have four inside and my neighbor has too many to count outside. So I know of what I speak!

The hollow point is a really good suggestion though.
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I had the same problem and after rejecting the thought of a 12 guage, bought some dried Fox/Coyote urine from the local nursery. Seems to be working just fine...........and the local cops aren't annoyed with me.
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cats hate water try getting a plastic squirt bottle mix water and white vineger . everytime you see them .give him a good squirt of the mix the water makes them run and they dislike the strong smell of vinegar but neither will physically harm them ... i use this method for training my cats this will eventally deter him from going there
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Originally posted by ejones
.22 hollow-point??


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