Miniature Daschaunds

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Miniature Daschaunds

We have become the proud owners of a miniature long-haired daschaund - appropriately named Hershey (all those kisses!) He is a remarkably well-behaved dog - rarely barks, loves to play and heartily enjoys just about anything he can get ahold of to eat. Our problem is - he tinkles at the drop of a hat, especially if someone new comes to our home. Does this breed out grow this? I sure hope so....

He is 8 months old and we're not sure how he was treated when he was really small as we rescued him so I don't know if that could have anything to do with this problem. He is otherwise house-trained and comes when he's called if we mention the word "cookie".
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It would be a long term benefit to get a book specifically written on the breed of dog you have. This enables you to learn about the characteristics of the breed at various stages of development. Did the rescue organization leave you a number of the foster home to call for information about your dog when he was there?

Have you started obedience training yet?

This nervous behavior will generally end as the dog matures. Has he been socialized yet? The time to do this fast ending.

Learn all you can about your dog.

Hope this helps.
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I have a mini dach and have the same problem with the tinkling. It might very well be a nervous thing with the breed.
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"Dashers" are known for two things...great BIG attitude in a little bitty body, and digging. They did after all, start out as badger hunters!

Since the trend started about 10 years ago to make certain breeds smaller and smaller, "nervous tinckling" has become more and more common among the smaller members of these breeds. The same thing has happend to ****er Spaniels, tiny tiny poodles, and we're beginning to see it a lot Golden retrievers now, too. What a shame!

When you have a very smart breed, you also get a very sensative nature. Not enough "backyard breeders" consider this when matching up their pets with the neighbors dog. Take a look at the Rottweilers...they'll be insane as a breed overall in the next ten years...

Bottom line is you're stuck with the quirk...just love him anyway!
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I have two mini LH doxies, a 3 year old neutered male and a 2 year old spayed female. Doxies are notorious's actually a submissive trait. Some grow out of it, some don't. My male, Baron, stopped piddling when he reached about 18 months. My female, Abby, is just now getting much better, and she'll be 3 in July. They will still piddle if I pet them immediately after I come home from work, etc., when they are *very* happy to see me. I need to just ignore them for a few minutes and let them settle down before I pet them...then it's not a problem.
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"Piddle" LOL! Now there's one I haven't heard in years! My mom had a ****er spaniel when she was growing up named "Piddle Pup!
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Rarely barks? Thats unusual for a wiener dog. We have 3 of them, a standard, a mini short hair, and a mini long hair. The mini short hair is the only one that has the "piddle" problem, she's almost 5 with no sign of it letting up, just adapt to it. We have her great visitors on the deck.
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Thanks for the advice

thanks to everyone for your suggestions. We've starting trying a few of them they seem to be helping :-)
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Hope it working out.
Just to add, we have had LH Mini's for many many years. My wife's 1st LH Mini, Cognac, lived 18yrs.. We still have 2 now, 1 is 14yrs, pretty deaf and pretty blind, but still manages to get around the house and does it poop and tisse (pee) outside, thru the doggie door...but every once in a while, he'll do it in their Dog Room (vinyl floor)..which leads out thru a doggie door to an enclosed run the length of our house.
Our lastest arrival, now 4yrs old (got her when she was 1.5yrs old).. is a pee'er...and sometimes just doesnt want to go when we think she has to go. Takes some convincing and conjolling (sp.) on my wife's part to get her out and 'do her thing'. She prefers the front lawn to any other place. - She's getting better at it... but it takes time...and soothing voice to convince her. Dachs are also notoriously 'obstanant' .. strong willed.. so you got to work with that... just aint that easy....
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Our mini hotdog is 4 years old and still pees when she's excited. It's funny, I was just mopping my floor today thinking "is she ever going to stop this?" I guess the answer is no. We have adapted well to this though. You learn what works best, so it's not always a problem.

Enjoy the not barking while you can. Our girl lets all the neighbors and their dogs know that even though shes small shes FIERCE! Ha!

Rotsa Ruck!

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