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1st Time Fish Owner

Want to teach our son responsiblity when it comes to owning a pet. So we started with a Fish. We have never owned a fish before and thought it would be fairly simple. Wrong... I need some tips on how to make the fish eat, how to keep the water from clouding up, how to keep bubbles from forming at the topp of the water. I should have gone with a turtle. any help, thanks Bruce
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First, don't overfeed the fish. That way, the fish will eat and the water won't get cloudy. What kind of fish do you have? Do you have a fish bowl or an aquarium?

A book on the type of fish and its environment is helpful.
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We have a Betta- Bought a Bowl with the little air filtration system. Put the air stone down in a tube and then it bubbles up. I boutght him on Monday and the water was cloudy yesterday morning so I changed it and this morning it was cloudy again. and now the air is causing a soapy like bubble on the surface of the water. I didn't use any soap to clean the tank, but I did buy some tablets to take unwanted chlorine and minerals out of the water. I have will buy a book this weekend. any other suggestions, as the kid is becoming very attached to "Two".

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Chris was RIGHT ON!!

That is the number ONE problem/killer of fish.

A Beta only requires a couple (TWO) flakes per day, if that.

Don't make complete water changes - too much stress on the fish.
Once established, you only need to make about 25% water change per month. It's probably best to siphon water and dirt from the bottom during this monthly maintenance.

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Our Pet store told us to buy a beta fish because they are known to be hearty fish. They certainly are (at least ours is). We've had him a very long time.

We tried all the drops in the water and all the fancy filtration tanks for beta fish. But, heres what works. We keep him in a one gallon bowl (no filtration equip) and change his water every 2 weeks. When we change it we put him in a small cup of the old water until we rinse out the rocks (rinse the plants too) and wipe the inside of the bowl with wet paper towels (no soap). We replace the rocks and his pretty plastic plants, then we add distilled water bought from the grocery store leaving enough room for the cup of old water and our fishy.

We feed him every day about 3 pellets of fish food. Thats it! He's been the easiest pet we've had to take care of.
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Silbesmom is the closest one to the answer.


A Beta is a "Labyrinth" fish. This means that they CAN breath normal air (like you and me) and extract it from the water as normal fish do. Yes it is true to all you doubters.

Beta fish like stagnant water. The do NOT like all bubbly stuff. I don't know how much your airstone puts off versus how big the bowl is...but DO NOT make the water "move" and turn over all the time.

Next....the "cloudy" water is GOOD bacteria growing in the bowl. This is called "blooming". it will last for about 36 hours depending on temperature. By the way......the bowl shoul be about 75 degrees for Betas.

Do NOT change that water every time it "blooms"...that is too much stress on the entire system.

Distilled water is PERFECT to start. I would change about 20% of the Beta's water once about every 2 weeks (or every 4 weeks with the bubbler). Take out a big cup and replace with a big cup of distilled water.

Betas will eat flake or pellets. pellets are better (as in nutrition). Feed HIM (it is a boy...probably) once in the morning and once at nite about 1 hour from "lites out". Feed NO MORE THAN the little bugger will eat BEFORE the food sinks to the bottom. They will NOT eat off of the bottom and the food will rot which is why everyone's fish DIE on this website. Rotting food causes amonia and CO2 and other bad things. The pellets that I recommend are "Hikari Cichlid Gold" (a red bag small pellets). they are for other African fish BUT...the Beta is in the same basic family as a far off cousin of Cichlids. It is great food with lots of minerals that stimulate color and healty fins.

Funny...but for excercise (Betas are lazy)...stick the mirror in front of him once a day for about 3 to 5 minutes. NOT too long...you will wear him out and possibly get him sick and weak.

And don't add any fish to that bowl. especially goldfish. Goldfish are full of disease and just don't do well with Betas.


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Better to change water or risk fish dying?

Hello all,

based on the last post, I'm really concerned that we may have WAY over-fed our new beta... Is it better to "shock the system" and change out the water or just wait to see what happens.. He looks REALLY droopy these last couple of days, and it seems that when he flaps his fins that he's flapping around all kinds of food and debris...
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Go grab a bottle of distilled water, a gallon should do unless you got a big tank/bowl. Then get more.

Let the bottle(s) sit near the tank so the temperatures equal out in about an hour or so.

Fill up a big RINSED OUT cup with a few inches of that distilled water and transfer him into it. He donesn't need a lot of space so just use a big cup. DO NOT USE SOAP to rinse it out. Use a net to fish him out or you can use your hands believe it or not. Make ure there is NO perfume or soap or ink or hand lotion on your hands. If you don't dilly-dally.....He'll be fine. Don't squish him and I doubt he'd even flinch in your hand (don't drop him).

I would then rinse the heck out of that bowl/tank. Again...NO soap or windex or NOTHING. Shake up the rock with your hands and keep on rinsing it (like cooking rice). rinse until it is clear.

Empty out the remaining water and then fill it with the distilled room temperature water. Let it settle for about 10 to 15 minutes and then dump him right back in.

A great water conditioner (though not a real necessity) is AMQUEL. It can be found anywhere that has anything "fish" and it is a little orange and white bottle. A small capful of AMQUEL after a water change is nice.

There should NOT be food and garbage being kicked up by him. NO GOOD.

Assume that you are starving him when you feed him. 2-3 flakes in the morning and MAYBE at nite at least 1 hour before lights out. No food should ever hit the floor......in theory anyway, cause it will still happen on occasion.

he'll make it. They actually love "bad water" but it is just not healthy nor wise.

Good luck


PS.....It is a "BETTA"...two "t's". I noticed that I was spelling it wrong so no need in teaching everyone poor spelling habits...sorry.

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