Another new cat owner questions...

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Another new cat owner questions...

Occasionally, when I pet or brush my 2-yr-old cat Harley, he will nip me lightly. It doesn't hurt at all, and I don't think he means to hurt me, but he will either quickly nip my hand or kind of chew on my fingers. He has also done it to my chin and neck when he's cuddling. Is this a warning or an affectionate gesture? He sometimes does it if he's just laying there, but other times it's when I'm brushing or petting him. With cats, it's hard to tell what they want you to do because they just writhe around on your lap so I don't know if he wants me to DO something, NOT DO something, or if he's just playing. Any ideas?
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petting & biting Syndrome

It sound like your cat could be affected by PBS (peeting & biting syndrome) it can be quite common. My cat has this and we have learnt to fit in with him.
You will find that your cat will want affection on his/her terms. you will learn to recognise when your cat wants the attention and when he/she doesn't.

a great way to tell this is to observe the tail whilst the cat is walking. if the cat walks up to you/in the room with his tail directly up with the topbent to the left or right - this is usually a sign of affectionate behaviour. if the tail is flat, it's best to leave alone.

most cats grow out of this past the adolescent stage (about 2-3 years) others it can stay with for life.

good luck.
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I had a cat that would try to chew on me when I petted her at times. She never did grow out of it, but the behavior diminished when I started putting her down as soon as she did and not pet her when she did it. She lives with my daughter now.
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My cat has A SPOT that when you rub him there he will nip.
It is kind of like a tickle spot.

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