Advice on a new dog pen

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Advice on a new dog pen

this is my first post here, so a "hello everyone" is in order.

i've just gotten the opportunity to adopt a dog that i've wanted for a long time. it's a bulldog/basset hound mix, but it's previous owners keep him chained up most of the tie, so he's kind of aggresive, but really strong. They're no longer able to keep him, and I would love to take him in, but i also need to make sure i can accomodate him. I have a shih-tzu and two cats, so this beast is definitly going to be an outside dog, but i don't want to chain him. I'v googled away with little success for pen ideas. I need this thing to be strong enough to contain him while still being able to afford to build it. I'll be doing all the work myself, so it really comes down to a question of building material.

Im sure this is a well spent topic, and for that I apologize, but i'm really hoping for some insight mainly in regards to the strength of the structure.

He's not particularly large, but it takes everything i've got to hold his leash while walking him, and i'm a rather large man myself.

i appreciate it

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chained up most of the tie, so he's kind of aggresive,
Imagine that. You take a social animal and deprive it of social contact and it might be aggressive. Are you sure that you want to inherit someone else's problem?

It seems that a four foot chain link fence would provide plenty of confinement. Chain link is a durable, inexpensive material for a fence. Since the dog has been chained, digging underneath the fence may be a problem. It may be worthwhile to consider a taller fence with the bottom foot buried in the soil to stop digging.

The dog should have a house to provide protection from the elements. The surface of the enclosure should be such that it can be cleaned readily of waste products.

Although the prime opportunity to train this dog has passed, it is not impossible to teach it to walk on a leash and all the other things that dogs should know. Obedience training for this dog can help make it a valuable member of the household.

Hope this helps.

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