female cat peeing in same place.

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female cat peeing in same place.

Hello I am new to this forum and I have a serious issue I need help with.
I own 3 cats, female 3 years female 2 years, male almost 1 year.
we began having problems a while my girlfriend was on vacation I noticed the couch had the faint smell of urine. I removed the slip cover and found 2 spots where a lot of urine had been left, but the smell was faint so I knew it was not likely the male.
so after doing some research I washed the couch cover cushion covers and blankets in vinegar( a lot ) and then again with natures miracle odor remover. i soaked the foam in water rinsed then sturated them with the vinegar and natures miracle.

there was no trace of smell we could find. not saying there wasn't but, i did the best I could.

we could not figure out which one it was so we hoped it would stop. then it happened again. this time while repeating the cleaning steps and buying a bissel steam cleaner to clean everything twice.
while the couch was being cleaned we found fresh pee on the couch and found the cat who was wet and trying to clean herself.
so I have a female who pees on the same piece of furniture with no apparent reason.
I use arm and hammer clumping litter, and I have 3 litter boxes which are cleaned regularly.
we had no more problems because when we are not home we lock the offending animal in a room with a litter box.
everything seemed fine though not fixed.
recently we went away over night and chanced not sealing her away while we were gone
and she did it again.
HELP !! I do not want to put this animal down. she does have a history of being skiddish and she poops on herself whenever she travels in the car.
what can this be ???

she does not exhibit any of the standard urinary track symptoms. but it is hard to monitor litter box usage with 3 cats.

I have been given suggestions:
change to non clumping litter
give the cat to a home with no animals bsides her
take it to the vet $$$$$$
change diet, : I use pro plan for indoor cats and it is balanced for urinary health.
put it in the microwave.

Please I need a better solution. is this a jealousy thing? why the couch and why only the couch.
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Hi wasreq,
Welcome to the DIY Forums.

There are several things that may be causing your cat to behave this way.

She may not like a litter box that is used by a male cat especially one that is un-nutered. Male cats are known to mark every litter box in the house.

She may not like the type of litter being used (how it smells or feel on her paws). Even the style of box could be offensive to her.

If a cat has urinated in/on a specific item type, whether it be clothing, bedding or furniature, they will likely continue. About the only way to correct this problem is not to allow the cats on the couch. You can use "NO" type products. These are training aids designed to keeps pets off specific things and areas. They have a smell that is offensive to most animals.

You may also have to keep your cat contained in an ok area while you are gone.

Good luck and reply back if you have further questions.
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Changes in behavior of pets warrant a trip to the vet to rule out health problems.
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the male is nutured and they have been living together since july.
and we have used the same litter since we got the first kitten. so after 2 years i have to wonder if it is really an issue with the litter.

unless she is ingesting to much litter and it is clumping in her intestine. I have heard of a natural oil that can break up clumped litter in the digestive track, does anyone know what it is called??

if anyone knows of any way to clean foam couch cushions I would be greatful.

right now I am looking at soaking them in a bathtub of vinegar.

and if anyone knows the name of urinary infection medicine that would also help. since I can buy the medicine online.
unfortunetely i live near detroit MI nad ther are 10 vets who will overcharge and misdiagnose an animal for every 1 that actually cares about helping the animal.
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Had a similar problem with one of my cats

It turned out that she had a kidney infection. But even after treatment....and you should get your cat diagnosed and treated...the behavior continued. It took over a year to find a solution to the peeing problem...I tried everything!!! The solution was a new type of litter....I tried every brand and type of litter I could find, but the 'winner' was not what you'd expect. "Miss P." prefers to pee in wood chips....the bedding for small animals. She does her other business in any kind of litter...no preference, but she will only pee in small animal bedding, or small throw rugs or my family room sofa. Needless to say, we are now providing her with a personal litter box of small animal bedding!!

Good luck....but please have that cat examined by a vet. He/she is probably trying to tell you that they don't feel well.
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I have to agree a trip to the vet is definitely in order...

I am a retired vet tech and can tell you straight up that it may be something more serious than having a bad habit. Please have her checked out and then, ask your vet what he/she suggests if it is simply a behavioural problem.

Good luck and keep us posted,

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