Parakeet - male or female?

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We have two parakeets. The first, Buddy, is definitely a boy. He's green, with blue tailfeathers, and a dark, dark blue cere. Angel, our "girl", is a blue parakeet, much, much smaller than Buddy. "Her" cere is light, light purple. I always thought that females only had shades of brown and tan ceres. Should we change "her" name to Angelo???? I'm wondering because of the color tint in the cere. Thanks!
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Is Angel an are correct about the dark cere...My 2 keets are "Buddy" and "Tweetie" (Original huh??) I don't know what they are....they get along and everything seems fine....I wouldn't worry too much about it....let little Angel stay an Angel.....

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male or female Parakeets

A male nostrial will be deep blue and females will be different colors of tan as adults.
A younger Parakeet will have dark strips on the crown of its head until mature.
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i once raise 4 little parrots.and until them flied away,i still didn't know who are girl and who are boy
i mean:i couldn't distinguish the gender of birds,but i often heard on TV that,the male birds usually have more colorful feather than the female.and the male birds are generally bigger than females,but this is not definitely right sometimes..

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