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My wife enjoy feeding the birds that visit our yard. We put out feed especially for small birds, like finches, sparrows, etc. However, we have several larger birds that come also, like starlings and grackles. Is there a way that we can prevent the larger birds from overtaking the feeders? We don't mind if they feed off the ground but we don't like them chasing away the smaller birds.
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There are feeders that are designed to keep out large birds. Certain types of squirrel proof feeders also deter large birds. Platform type feeders attract all birds, including large ones.
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You can also get different birds based upon the types of food you feed. Starlings will not bother with sunflower seeds in the shell, but chickadees, siskins and house finches adore them. Sunflower seeds will also attract squirrels, though. Thistle seeds will bring goldfinches.

Starlings will suck up suet like little vaccuums, so if you feed suet you should use a gridded wire suet cage that attaches to an overhead canopy, so that the birds have to fly up underneath and hang upside down to feed on the suet. Starlings are not particularly acrobatic and they find this difficult, but woodpeckers and chickadees have no problem.

You can also try making an enclosure for your existing feeder out of a cylinder of 1 1/2" mesh wire. This will keep most of the larger birds out.
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We have good success with placing a large feeding station at the front of our house to attract larger birds and a finch feeder at the back.
The tubular finch feeder has a small slit for the thistle that finches, red poles and similar small birds can get their beak into.
Larger birds are frustrated by this and learn to stay away.

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