Perfectly Safe and FUN Home Flea Removal

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Talking Perfectly Safe and FUN Home Flea Removal

Here is an amazing and safe approach to controlling fleas. I did not invent this but was told about it by an old lady I knew. I have helped several people rid their houses of severe infestations using this simple method with no chemicals.

All you need is a shallow pure white saucer. It must be very white with no patterns on it, something like china will work. Put the saucer on the floor in the middle of a room and fill it with water to the top and add a squirt of dishwashing soap. Stir the soap in until mixed thouroughly.

Now get a bright adjustable desk lamp and place the lamp over the dish with the lamp 4-6 inches above the water. A high intensity desk lamp works best. Turn the lamp on and go to bed as this must be done at night. The fleas are attracted to the white light and will jump towards the desk lamp falling into the saucer getting trapped in the soap water solution.

This is fun as you can see your progress. The first night you may see hundreds of them in the water if you have a bad problem. Dump the water and mix a new batch each night. The second night you will see less and so on until one night there will be none. Leave it out for several days after you see the last flea.

Remember fleas have I believe a ten day life cycle so any eggs will hatch within that time, so repeat this treatment in about 7-10 days to get the new hatched fleas.

I have cured one floor of a house by putting one saucer in a middle room. You can always put out more if you want a quicker fix. Also this is a great if suspect that you might have fleas to find out for sure. Put out the plate, turn on the lamp and hope nothing is there in the morning.

This is a fun and safe way to rid yourself of these pests.
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Thank you for posting that, mowfixer. Now I wish I had fleas.
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Thumbs up Genesiis

YES - this method works VERY well, indeed!!! Had a serious flea problem from my cute little cat, and this helped better than the chemical stuff (which was killing me instead of the fleas). Highly recommended! PS: also picked up some other insects as well. ALSO great for MOSQUITO control - white plate, lemon scented dish liquid, place plate near your guests, it will attract and trap the stinging pests!
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I am going to try this tonight. I was taking care of a dog that has infested my spare room with the little black buggers. I hope it works, i would like to stay toxin free for i have a toddler. I'll post again after tonight! YAY!
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doesn't need to be white to work, we've done it with a shallow aluminum baking pan

color doesn't matter , fleas are attracted to heat of the light (so don't use a compact florescent )
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Exclamation What an interesting Idea!

I'm going to try this tonight before I go with a flea Bomb and whole proceedure to get rid of them. Hopefully I get some good results! I'm going to vaccum first then dispose of the bag because I think that might help it out too.

Thank You!
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This method works well, but takes time as you can tell. There are many ways to get rid of fleas without harsh chemicals. Be sure to treat your pets with a safe flea killer as well.

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