Cat-friendly dogs

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Cat-friendly dogs

I'm wondering about the best breeds to pair with cats. I have 2 adult cats, and would like to get a puppy within the next couple years but I don't want to really freak them out. They are terrified of EVERYTHING. The last time our cats saw a puppy, the female went into a drooling fit and was paralyzed. We love our kitties, so we want to keep them very happy. It would be nice to find a good dog that would do well with them so we don't have to wait 'till they have passed on.

Are beagles good with cats? I've heard good things about golden retrievers. My husband likes smaller-type dogs, so something the size of a beagle or a cocker spaniel would be good.

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I don't know if it's universally true, but we used to have cocker spaniels and our part-siamese used to attack the older dog playfully and chew on her ears. You might check with the local shelters; you may find a good dog that has already been screened or identified as good with other animals, specifically cats. Shelters frerquently have dogs who have been surrendered (vice an abandoned stray with no history) who they have bio's on. AND you'll save a dog.
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All puppies have different personalities, even within breeds (trust me, I know as my two Golden's have COMPLETELY different personalities). So you could get a puppy from a breed that is good with other animals but your puppy might have a different mind set.

So a shelter is probably a good bet for you. If you get a dog that has been with cats before it will be an easier transition for your cats. Good luck!
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Thanks to both of you for your input.

Another thought - from the cat's perspective, would a smaller dog be less intimidating than a large breed? For example, would my cats be more comfortable with a beagle than a golden? Or do you think scaredy cats are generally afraid of all things canine?

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My last cat had the best time with my two Australian Shepherds. Cats don't seem intimidated by the size of the dog. She had them trained to bark to let her into the house, she would bait them into chasing her so she could hide under the bed, and they would all sleep in a pile on the floor. Aussies are medium dogs, about 45 pounds for my females.

Hope this helps.
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I have a Springer Spaniel, I couldn't be more in love with this dog! We recently added a kitten to the mix & they are great buddies!
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My Golden loved cats! I mean, he would mother every one he saw. Whether they liked him or not. I don't mean it seemed like he was trying to mother them. He really did. When he went to sleep at night there was always a cat with him. It was the cats choice. Now our pit/chow/shep mix doesn't like cats. He will move away from them if they come and lie besides them.
When we were looking for another dog 5 months ago (we had to put our Golden down because of cancer), I was looking for one that didn't have a high prey drive. We got a rottweiler. He likes to play with the cats (they were the same size when we first got him) but he views them more as littermates not toys. If you decide to adopt a dog, make sure he/she is compatible with cats. I'm sure it will take some time for them to get use to one another. It took our cats a while. One in particular is still angry with him and gives him a swat every time he sees him. Take your time and don't rush into anything.
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I'm not sure it's possible to say any one breed is OK with cats. Like others have said, temperament varies so much within breeds and even within litters. Based on what you have said already about your two cats, I would be concerned about bringing any dog into the house, but especially a puppy.

My wife and I show and breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have 15 adults that live in the house with our 1 cat. We have no problems between the cat and the adult dogs (usually), but then we only had 3 dogs when we got the cat and the cat as a kitten; so the cat has grown up with dogs and a LOT of puppies over the years. The "problem" with puppies is they have no experience and are not afraid of anything; just like a human baby. Our litters have always loved playing with our cat; they rush up on the cat, jump on him, wrestle with him, etc. It's just what puppies do.

I have to say, if someone came to us wanting to buy a puppy and described two cats like you have done, we would not sell the person a puppy for fear that either the cats or the puppy would be hurt. You might try an adult with the understanding that if it didn't work out, you could return it. But even then, it just doesn't sound like a comfortable situation for your cats.
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We have Shetland Sheep dogs that were my herding dogs many years ago. They are retired, now and are enjoying life. We also have 3 cats, one main coon, one part siamese, and one pure black panther/pit bull looking one. They all get along well, and the dogs even get along with our 14 chickens, playfully herding them occasionally just for kicks. The sheepdogs are even tempered and love children which is a plus with grandchildren, who are not here all the time.
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In addition to depending on the dog and the cats, success primarily depends on the owner's ability to commit to proper training and being the alpha in the household. For more info on introducing dogs to cats:
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This sounds crazy, but try a greyhound! :)

We have a Maine Coon cat, and when he was about 6 or 7, we brought home our greyhound. The intro was hilarious - we brought the dog in, the cat took one look at him, arched his back, and hissed. The dog proceeded to pee.

They've had an off/on relationship over the years, but nothing major and never any injuries. A lot of greyhounds can't be in homes with cats, but many can. The adoption agency where we got Ezra (our greyhound) from cat tests, where they take the dog around cats and watch their reaction. They had to place Ezra right in front of the cat practically, and he hardly noticed him!

Greyhounds may be bigger than a lot of dogs, but they're a lot more mellow than many small dogs, despite their reputation. They do like to run, but they're sprinting dogs, so they tend to be couch potatoes 90% of the time. And since they're retired at 1 1/2 at the very youngest, your cat won't have to deal with the high energy of a puppy.

Think about it, and let me know your thoughts.

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