want to buy a chipmunk

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want to buy a chipmunk

is ther any where in ohio i can buy a chipmunks
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I've never really looked for them but you could try the Trading Post magazine. Seems like there are some really strange animals in there for sale all the time.

Around here in Cincy the magazine is sold in convienience stores and it's coupled with the Auto Trader magazine.
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What would you do with a chipmuck if you don't mind me asking? Would you keep it as a pet? I think they are really funny animals but in the wild. I would think they would be just a little to quick to keep as pets and as little as they are i still wouldn't want to get bitten by one.

About a year ago I was going to get a pair of them to set free in the woods next to my house hoping they would start a little family but from what I heard they can get really bad and do damage to house and landscape. So I changed my mind. But they still keep my interest, only because I see them alot in the wild when I head south.
They are a hard animal to buy in the USA, chances are if you do find one for sale it would come from another county. But if your really interested and don't mind putting out $100 or more bucks, look up Chipmuck 2000 on your search engine and e-mail that dude. He may have one for sale. Also look into Getpetsonline.com They pretty much sell any on earth when it comes to animals but it is a world wide site and can be risky as far as sending money out of the United States.
If you do find some one in the states selling them put it up so I can check them out for myself. good luck

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Well, I've got a few living on my property and they keep my Golden's busy all the time. Come and get them!

YellowTang - good thing you didn't release them near your property. They have burrowed under our front steps and under a playscape in the back yard. Not a major problem, but a nuisance since the mulch is constantly dug up where they burrow.
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Possession of native wildlife is prohibited in the state of Ohio unless you have a permit from the state Department of Natural Resources.

Chipmunks are extremely cute, but are best left in the wild where they belong, not in a cage.

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