Dog anal glands


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Dog anal glands

My dog recently had an anal gland rupture (IT sucks). The Vet said to add fiber to his diet. I was wondering if anyone knew of an economical way to add fiber to his food? or Does anyone know of an economical fiberous dog food? I am wiery of changing foods b/c last time I did it ruined his stomach beyond belief.
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One good way to add fiber to your dog's diet without changing foods is to add low starch veggies like carrots. There are also commercially available *Fiber biscuits* for dogs. Either one would probably do the trick.

Hope this helps, and do let us know how things are going.
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Do you feed a top of the line dog food now?
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Purina One Chicken and Rice
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I feed my dogs California Natural. One of them had severe digestive problems with the typical brands of food. Look on the CN website. You can compare their ingredients to what you feed your dogs now. The more natural the better off your dogs will be.
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There are high fiber dog foods available. You can also add a little bran or Metamucil to your dog's food. Usually, dog foods low in starch content, such as wheat and oat bran and barley products, are high in fiber. Thus, dog food high in starch from rice and dried potatoes contains less fiber. Excessive dietary fiber can have negative effects, including gas, increased stool volume or density, and loose stools. Your vet should be able to make recommendations.
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Sweet Potatoes

I have a beagle who has to have her anal glands cleaned about every two months. My vet suggested that I give her a tablespoon of canned sweet potatoes everyday (not the pie filling kind) the real stuff. It helps alot. This is also good if your dog gets diarrhea, stops it after the first day.
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My vet taught me to drain the anal glands from my beagle. It's not too bad if you have rubber gloves and a helper. Save a lot of time and money. I do it anytime my dog starts scooting too much.
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Adding a few tablespoons of Pumpkin (again, not the pie filling kind) can work great too. We had a Toy Poodle who was on it alot, so we bought big cans and filled ice cube trays with the stuff, then froze it and put it into big freezer bags. Then, at dinner, we grabbed a couple out, zapped em for a few seconds to thaw them, then mashed them in with her food. She loved them, which was lucky for us
Also, while California Natural is certainly a higher quality food than Purina One, not every dog will do well on ever food. I have a friend who's dog has tried every super premium food his owners could gettheir hands on (from CN to Innova to some local stuff called Pet Shop, or something) and he has had serious problems until recently, when they recieved a coupon for Eukanuba. He is now in great shape. I've also seen alot of dogs run into SERIOUS problems from both Eukanuba and Purina One. Personally, I feed Go! Natural by Petcurean to both my dogs. They love it enough that after a full meal, they'll eat it as a training treat! And, their stools are amazing...
Just my thoughts
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Anal Glands

I have three pugs, and all grew up in my semi-truck, so watching what they ate could save a big mess. If you ever had a pug you realize they have a hard time grasping the concept of asking to go out. You have to be tuned in to them, their food, feeding times, breaks, and their stools. The anal scooting has just become a problem, and I tried the canned pumpkin, but it doesn't work. I know the glands are located at 4 o'clock, and 8 o'clock just inside the anas, and I would bet from watching it being done, that it would be simple to do myself, but I guess I need a little more coaching. One thing I have found that really caused them to have loose uncontrolable stools, is poultry-by-products listed on the ingredients label. If I keep them on Ol'Roy real Beef dog food found at wal-mart, they have the best formed stools. For their coat, a little flaxseed oil, or olive oil in the food helps, or go to, and they have a fulll line up of high end vitamins for pets, which include fiber building products.
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Here is a link for how to find a good quality food

When you change food, do it very gradually over a period of a couple weeks. And like others have said, not all dogs will do well on all foods; you may have to experiment a bit. We used to feed Cadidae but gave up because it became too hard to get; we now feed Royal Canine. Oh, and you will find you don't have nearly the amount of waste to clean up in the yard with a quality food.

IMHO, when you buy dog food, you get either economical or you get quality; never both. My wife and I breed dogs and we tell our people (in this area, ayway) that if you can buy the food in a grocery store, chances are it's not a premium food. If you don't want to do a lot of research, the Whole Dog Journal puts out a list of top quality foods every year. They are like Consumer Reports in that they do not accept advertising so that they can be completely impartial. They have a web site and I believe you can pay for just the list or you can get their newsletter that covers literally everything related to dogs: Food, health, training, behavior problems, etc. I highly recommend it.

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