Male dogs mounting

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Male dogs mounting

I have 2 pugs, brothers, almost 2 years old. One has recently started to mount the other with serious intent. Now, they've always wrestled and did the mounting thing here or there...but Yoda in the past week or so has just been over zealous about it. His breathing becomes crazy, haggered, panting, mounting the other like crazy, while Vader looks at me with that help me, get him off of me look. What do I do? Intervene? Why is he doing this? I pay equal attention, everything is always equal. How do I get him to calm down?
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You don't mention in your post if the dogs are neutered or not, that will make a difference as to why this may be occurring. Best suggestion at this point, is to intervene with a strong NO and remove the offender to a different area immediately. Perhaps put him in his crate, if crate trained, or in a separate room if not.

Have the dogs had obedience training? If so, you could put Yoda in a down stay near you, so that you can keep an eye on him for a bit. If they have not been through a good solid obedience class, that is highly recommended and would solve this issue with the above reaction to Yoda's mounting.

Usually this sort of thing happens when another dog in the area is in heat, whether the two you own or neutered or not, they often will respond in this way. One other reason that it may be happening is due to the two dogs sorting out the dominant level of the household dynamics.
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Both neutered and trained. The advice I've read so far indicated one is feeling insecure and not to intervene, but let it continue up to 2 months. If I do intervene I should do it in a positive way and distract them. Has this happened to you before? I'm not big on punishment, crating one and not the other. When I feel they need to calm down I put them both away, one for peace and quiet and the other to catch his breath and calm down. Why now? I've had them for almost 2 years, why since Sunday?
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As indicated, mounting can be either sexual or social. Dominant dogs have the need to show their dominance by mounting the more submissive dog. Sometimes the more submissive dog will mount the more dominant dog in a show of allegiance. Typically, a confident dominant dog has no need to show dominance unless underconfident. If one dog is concerned about his dominance, reassure the dog by feeding, petting, letting out the door first. This reassurance may need to be kept subtle in order for the submissive dog from becoming jealous. It is also important that each dog have individual quality time alone with you to properly develop a confident role. If behavior continues, you may want to discuss the problem with your vet. Neutering tends to eliminate mounting in 70% of dogs.
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Mine definitely missed the memo on halting the mounting. Ha. There is no way one would spend time with me without the other. They are inseparable. If one lays with me, so does the other. If one leans on me, the other takes the other side. Both get treats and food, all same time. I usually do give Yoda the treats first anyway b/c he sits and Vader still jumps (much to my dismay, but we are working on it). Okay - I'll wait it out for a while. Could be just a phase b/c they were played with retrievers and labs this weekend and Yoda could have a Napolean complex this week as a result.

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