Self Cleaning Litter boxes


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Self Cleaning Litter boxes

Anyone have any experience with these? It's not that I am lazy, but i have two cats and for right now their box is in the bathroom. I clean it everyday, but I'd love alittle help (and my son and fiance aren't proving helpful!!) keeping the box clean. Anyone try these? If so, is it worth it? Thanks!
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The older units scared a lot of cats as they started the cleaning process as soon as the cat was out of the box. The newer ones, so I understand, have a time delay before starting. I couldn't justify the cost and I also have two cats so it just became a twice a day job. Good luck.
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Yep, that's what I am struggling with. I mean, even when I clean it once in the morning...they seem okay with that and it's not too bad. I guess I'll hang in there, it only takes about 5 minutes anyways! Thanks for the input!
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Waste of Money

I got one of these for an elderly person who was unable to scoop the box on a regular basis. It does a fairly good job. However, the scooped material goes in to a disposable receptacle that needs to be removed for cleaning or replacement. In my judgment, this is more work than just using a litter scoop.
Also, the combing device that does the work will accumulate waste material also -- they give you a cleaning brush for that purpose. But it's a lot harder to clean the comb than to hit your litter scoop with a garden hose.

So where is the convenience? The only possible use I can think of would be if the cat(s) had to be left alone for a couple of days. Otherwise, save yourself the money and the effort and use your 79-cent scoop instead.
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Self Cleaning Litter boxes

Use a second box and use good litter. There will aways be a good spot for them if your schedule is not up to the situation.

Cleaning two at a time is not much different than cleaning one.

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Cool Automatic Litter Boxes

The usefulness of the automatic litter boxes is subject to varying opinions. Traditionally a litter box is filled with regular or clumping cat litter, once it is soiled the 'responsible pet owner' scoops or empties the box. The introduction several years ago of litter box liners has helped when emptying the box is prudent however usually the cats scratch and tear up the liners so they are full of holes before you try lifting them out of the box. Automatic litter boxes are a nice little gadget, they use REGULAR cat litter which is usually less expensive or clumping litter and 'rake' the litter in timely intervals to keep the box clean. These automatic boxes are somewhat costly and they manufacturer always seems to get your repeat business by requiring a 'special' disposal bag to discard the car droppings so cleanup is easier. All and all, automatic boxes are cleaner and healthier but still require you empty the disposal cup and change the litter.

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