TV watching Chihuahua

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Wink TV watching Chihuahua

Here is my question to anyone that might be dealing with the same situation. My pet chihuahua has a habit of barking at other animals on TV (cats,dogs,alligators,fish,rabbits, snakes etc.... She is banned from watching Animal Planet. If a commercial comes on & it has any animal on in it's a for sure thing that she will notice and start her barking. Can anyone tell me any suggestions besides changing channels and explain to me what is causing her to do that. I try to figure out how the heck she can tell the difference. It always amazes me how she can sit there and watch TV and the momment she see an animal she gets all rattled up, the hairs in her little back stand up and she goes at it. She tries to attack the TV. Pretty Crazy little girl.
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Teach your dog a "quiet" command. If the dog has been trained to sit or lie down, perhaps one of these commands will stop the barking. Shake a can of pennies or squirt the dog in the mouth with a squirt gun or bottle of water. If this is too frightening, throw a tennis ball at him. The second he stops barking pop a treat in his mouth and praise him. Having the dog neutered can make him less territorial.
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My dog does this as well. They can't tell the difference between a dog in front of the house and one on TV. Problem is, there are a lot more on TV - we actually had to fix the entertainment center after our dog charged one on TV so hard that he caved in two cabinet doors. The solution is the same as quieting your dog when they bark at something outside.
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