Too territorial Male Beagle and Urination

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Angry Too territorial Male Beagle and Urination

Hi All:
Our 4 years' old Male Beagle loves to mark one corner of couch in the living room. Also, he barks whenever someone knocks on the front door. Even sometimes, one of us, family member came very close to the front door!

Otherwise, he's very friendly and has no other problems for us to concern.

Wonder how to train this 'bad' behaviour. We tried every possible way to make him stop doing this. However, by the time when we forget his 'small' unitnation, he starts all over again.

Yesterday was such a bad day for all of us, because he almost emptied his bladder on the corner of our favorite couch.

If any of you have 'good' suggestions/advices, I would be truly appreciate it.

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If hes not fixed I say get him fixed.That should calm him down and stop his marking.When they get fixed its like 2 differnt dogs.
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Fixing him may or may not help with the peeing. Once this habit gets started it can be hard to stop.

As for the barking at the door, Beagles are very protective dogs even though if challenged they normall run from you, behind a door or fence they are Pitt Bulls in their mind and think they are doing their service.
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If dog is not constantly supervised, get a cage. Make sure dog goes out frequently to do his business and reward him for doing so with lots of hugs and a treat. When displaying inappropriate behaviors, perhaps shaking a metal can of coins will distract him.

I grew up with beagles. The slightest crunch of gravel on the driveway would send all of them into fits of barking. While annoying, this can be a good thing from the standpoint of 'guard' dog.

Pets tend to mark territory. And, they tend to do so in the same places. They return to the scene of their crimes because of the scent. Cleanup of pet urine with enzyme digester cleaner like the pet mess cleaners is often effective. (Note: While you can clean surface of upholstery, you can not clean padding beneath and odor will linger.) There are also pet repellent sprays available.
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our male beagle (fixed) barks only at other dogs and animils , never at peaple . anyone can walk in or knock on the door and he wont bark .

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