Anyone have a cheap remedy for tapeworms?

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Anyone have a cheap remedy for tapeworms?

Anyone have a cheap remedy for tapeworms? I have some Erliworm will that work on tapeworms?
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Hi Loribh,

Erliworm has different forumlations for different types of worms. Which formulation do you have? There are different species of tapeworms and there are also roundworms. Do you know which you are treating and have they been diagnosed by a vet? Is this for a dog, puppy, kitten or cat? How old?

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My take on this may be a little different than some because I show and breed dogs and the health of our dogs is a top priority. Generally speaking, I would say the cheapest remedy long term is to see a vet so it can be determined exactly what you are faced with and then use what the vet tells you.

Every now and then I hear from people that have tried home remedies for other things, but have never heard of anything that works for tapeworms. The problem with home remedies is that many times they work, but sometimes they don't and then it costs much more than it would have if a vet had been seen right away.
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I would agree. Treating tapeworm is really not something that you should try to go cheap on.
But i will tell you that one way to prevent them is make sure your dog does not have fleas.
Tapeworm segments containing eggs are passed through the rectum (sorry to go into detail here), when those segments break open the tapeworm eggs are released. The eggs are not infectious. But any flea larvae (and if your dog has fleas he has larvae around his bedding just waiting) hatching around will eat the tapeworm eggs. As the flea larvae matures, so does the little tapeworm inside...your dog inadvertently cleaning itself or even just biting at a flea will swallow the flea containing the worm and when the flea's body is digested, the tapeworm inside is released and attachs itself to the dogs intestine and the whole thing starts all over again.

Tapeworms are quite uncomfortable for the dog, and can cause inestinal problems.

as far as I know, there is no "home remedy" for these little guys...your best bet is to take him to the vets, otherwise its just going to be a cycle that goes over and over again.

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