Beagle with bad vision

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Beagle with bad vision

Our 12 year old male Beagle has recently started losing his sight. The vet said a few months back that his eyes were cloudy. What if anything can be done to help him to keep some of his vision? Are there any options at all? Thanks
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Well yes.. You could have an operation for cateracs..(sp.)..
1 of our daschund's is 16years old is pretty much blind....and an operation was discussed with our vet at one time, but because of his age it was not advisable.
Amazing tho how our little guy gets around the house. I was wondering why I was getting these little 'wet nose' spots along our walls in the hallway about 6" off the floor.
Even tho he's blind...and pretty well deaf...he gets around the house quite well...some bumps of the head..but he manages pretty well...and his sense of smell seems to be keener...
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Dogs tend not to mind too much when confronted with vision loss as they tend to be guided more by smell. Beagles, especially, are great sniffers and tend to keep their noses close to the ground.

Cloudy eyes can be an indication of any of a variety of diagnoses. I am sure if there was something that you could do that your vet would have told you. Cloudiness of the eyes may be due to a film over the eyes or due to cloudiness within the eyes. Cloudiness may or may not be an indication of vision loss. "Nuclear sclerosis" which is a normal age-related change does not significantly impair vision.

Eye disease in dogs, as in humans, does not progress at the same rate in each. Perhaps your vet can refer you to a veterinary ophthalmologist for a comprehensive examination and identification of the specific disease if not normal age-related changes.

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