Getting a pet hamster


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Getting a pet hamster

I'll try and keep this short.

My son wants a pet hamster.

Pros: teaches him responsibility

Cons: smells!
I'll end up cleaning the cage?!
it's a rodent!?!?! (not a pet?)
what happens if later he decides to NOT want it?

I've already debated this w/myself and agreed to let him have one, but the 1st sign of him not cleaning the cage or taking care of it...agreed to give it away. son has asthma...would the hamster or the wood chips (whatever it is they live in) affect his asthma?

What does a hamster eat? Hamster food right? It's at the pet store right?

What kind of temperature does it need to live in? I ask that b/c during the summer I keep the temps (when not at home) @ 85 degrees.

Am I worried too much?
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If I understand correctly asthma is diredtly related to allergies. If there is something your son is allergic to, being in contact with it will affect his asthma. Might be something you wish to discuss with his doctor.
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Do you or your son know anyone who has one? If so, see if you could take it for a weekend - sort of a test drive.
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My son's asthma attacks mostly only happens when he gets a cold/flu and when around animals. I can't say specifically around a hamster (since it's so small), but if around dogs for instance and the dog is dirty or hair flyin' all over the place...and/or the house is pretty dusty...then his asthma acts up.

As a matter of fact, the reason why this even came up is b/c he was at a friend's house, the hamster had babies and is giving them away. My son played with the momma hamster as was around it for a while...presto...nothing. We don't know anyone specifically that would let us do a test drive, but that's a good thought.

Guess we'll just have to take one and keep one for the test drive.
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Pets with hair are not good for kids with allergies. Read more at (copy and paste address)

You state that temps are at 85 degrees when not at home. What is your humidity? (Check with hygrometer where thermometers are sold.) High humidity causes proliferation of allergens. Humidity levels should be maintained between 35-55% year round. High humidity levels can cause mold. Mold is a primary source of allergens. Dust mites need humidity levels higher than 50% to survive as do mold & mildew. Too low humidity levels allow allergens to dry out and float in air where they are inhaled by those with allergies.
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Thanks all. Here's the outcome:

What I thought we were getting were those big hamsters but they were actually tiny ones. Dwarf hamsters. Man...are they cute! I had a totally different attitude once I saw them. They aren't really gross and I even held them. So cute!

The smell is not that bad. The smell is not from the hamsters but from the bedding-pinewood chips. The clean up part is yet to come. Son should be cleaning it out this weekend (hopefully).

So far no allergies or asthma issues.

We got a male and a female. Probably have babies before ya know it. My son loves them. I highly doubt he'd ever change his mind. I'm thinking they'd pass on before he would. I'm sure they're going to have babies no time soon too.

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